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Vodafone Automotive's strategy is based on the understanding of customer needs. In the field of mobility, needs are global. Vodafone Automotive follows closely the priorities and projects  of institutions, governments and international organisations who are willing to use technology to help them solve life threatening issues.

From South America to Europe, from Asia Pacific to Russia, all governments express their intentions via decrees and laws aimed at making their territories safer and reducing economic and social costs linked to mobility issues. It is becoming clearer every day that such needs are not the needs of single individuals but of whole communities who rely on the institutions to look after their interest.

Vodafone Automotive is aware that participating to projects for the improvement of citizen mobility and safety requires a high level expertise and efficient technology at all levels, this combined with a wide geographical presence. Vehicle crime goes far beyond national borders and the cost of vehicle incidents and management are significant, for this reason Vodafone Automotive put in place an infrastucture which is still unique today in Europe: 44 countries connected into one advanced telematic network, without language and technology barriers.

Furthermore, telematics provide an opportunity to better manage vehicle consumption and fuel emissions. The high number of vehicles on the roads increases the level of pollution and this represents a high matter of concern for public authorities. The availability of tools able to gather fuel consumption data and driving style information opens new doors: by understanding inappropriate driving behaviours, public and private companies can incentivise socially responsible behaviours and have a potentially powerful education tool at hand.