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​​​Vodafone Automotive (formerly Cobra) started to investigate the field of telematics in 2001, thus offering, after two years, stolen vehicle tracking and theft management services to the segment of high value cars, rapidly becoming the European leader in this space. This will remain a very important offer in the telematic strategy. Additionally, ​Vodafone Automotive uses today its expertise and telematic technology capabilities to design value added services for business partners and for end user customers.​​​​

Generali Group extends insurance program to other companies of the group

Two years after the successful launch of Genertel Quality Driver®, Generali decided to extend the know how to other companies of the Group: Cobra Telematics signed a framework agreement with Generali Business Solutions for the supply of telematics devices and related enabling the Generali Group companies - Assicurazioni Generali, Alleanza Toro, Ina Assitalia, Fairy, and Genertel - to offer usage based insurance services.
​2010The turning point in the Insurance Segment with Genertel (Generali Group)

The Coverbox experience in the UK combined with the expertise in automotive project management enabled Cobra Telematics to be appointed in 2010 by Genertel (Generali Group) for their H2T (Human to Technology) new project. This was the result of a selection process that last 18 months during which the most important players were evaluated. 
​2009New Cobra company in Brazil

Cobra opened Cobra do Brasil Serviços de Telemática Ltda to provide infrastructure services in Brazil, enabling vehicle manufacturers to partner with national service providers and to comply with the Brazilian government innovative legislation in terms of embedded vehicle telematics units.
​2008Co-investment and launch of Coverbox

Cobra Telematics management extensively researched the insurance customer segment needs.
Cobra decided to co-invest in starting Wunelli and launched the first Pay-How-You-Drive (PHY) insurance product branded  Coverbox in the UK. Starting in September 2009, Coverbox became an important reference and entered the UK insurance aggregators market  (  and
​2007External growth via company acquisitions in major European markets

Growth strategy via acquisitions of companies and partnership with entrepreneurs who have demonstrated a high level of excellence in the supply of SVR services:
Cobra acquired NavTrak, a leading UK provider of stolen vehicle recovery systems and services to prestige car manufacturers and to their customers ;
Cobra acquired Lombarda Impianti e Sistemi S.p.A  (LIS), a company renowned at Italian national level as one of the major operators in the sector of security systems for prestige cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen ;
Acquisition of 51% of the capital of its French distributor Cobra France SAS, company owned by the Identicar Group;
Acquisition of 2% stake in Cobra Russia.
​2005Porsche chooses Cobra for its stolen vehicle recovery program

After a severe selection procedure lasting two years, Porsche chose Cobra as its sole supplier for localisation modules to be installed in their cars. Porsche offers the programme to its clients with an extended service throughout 36 countries in Europe.
​2003The beginnings

After 24 months of research and development in the telematics field leaded by Cobra Automotive Technologies management, in 2003 Cobra entered the business offering stolen vehicle tracking and theft management related services to the segment of premium vehicle drivers across a unique network of European Secure Operating Centres