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The continuous analysis of the driver’s needs coupled with the core competencies of Vodafone Automotive generate solutions that were never thought possible. To make the vision a reality, research is conducted in partnership with worldwide renowned university groups.

Insurance telematics is an application of this vision aiming at effectively reducing risks of accidents. Through the precise reconstruction of the accident via non modifiable data, Vodafone Automotive is helping to promote a new level of transparency that will help manage risk and encourage clarity and fairness across the indu​stry. Detailed information recorded includes not only time, date and location of the crash incident, but also vehicle direction, speed before and after the crash, acceleration and braking of the vehicle on X, Y and Z axes.  

With Vodafone Automotive event recorder technology providing a virtual witness in the event of an accident, crucial information is made available to emergency services who are able to intervene quickly in case of a life threatening situation.

Driving behaviour can be considered a disruptive innovation as well, aimed at changing the paradigms.  A complex data analysis process related to vehicle usage may define driving style of drivers: it includes the combination of parameters such as acceleration and braking, speed and ways to approach a curve, so as to evaluate risk more objectively. Drivers can subscribe an insurance premium that will provide discounts based on a responsible and safe driving behaviour. KPI’s of driving style can be the base for fleet managers to boost employees for a more responsible driving. 

Pushing the boundaries of innovation further means that we can contribute to meet the great expectations of drivers and communities to feel safer on the roads. ​​