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Crash alert management


​The scene of an accident is always a theater where man and technology face the ultimate test. Until recently, people in the emergency services had little more to rely upon than raw courage. But better information with the aid of machine-to-machine (M2M) network means better decision making and that means technology is helping to save property and lives. 
Vehicle drivers’ lives could be saved thanks to this service enabling the vehicle to automatically alert assistance services when it is involved in a crash. In an vehicle with sensors, telematics and black box technology, an emergency call with location information can be triggered automatically.

In addition, to providing a rapid response to a potentially serious situation, the service aims to reduce costs. As soon as the incident has taken place, details can be captured and any appropriate action can be taken immediately. For example an insurer can contact any non-fault parties quickly and efficiently, reducing the claim costs that might be incurred by the insurer. 

In 2005 we started to invest in an extended network of Secure Operating Centres (from 8 initially to 44 European countries) to manage vehicle theft and recovery issues, understanding that emergencies have no boundaries and that the service continuity across Europe is a key success factor. With this in mind, Vodafone Automotive continues to follow the requirements of the European Union in terms of infrastructure for automatic emergency services in case of crash – the so called eCall.