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Mobile Apps

 ​​"My Connected Car"
​Vodafone Automotive innovative telematics services are now available on smart phone. 
Using My Connected Car app, customers can access their vehicle and manage a number of security and safety functions remotely. The user friendly app is considered a long term investment which includes a roadmap of new contents and features. Vodafone Automotive Telematics is supporting the development of value added telematics services and willing to provide an enjoyable user experience, ensuring that users will continue to interact with the app long after the first usage. 

My Connected Car provides easy access to vehicle information such as real-time vehicle location, directions to the vehicle, contract and user data. Depending on the service subscription, the telematics unit and options installed, remote vehicle management and security functions include:

  • Special modes - garage/transport modes avoiding the generation of false alerts when the vehicle is being serviced or transported for eg by ferry
  • Geofence - allowing alerts to be set relative to vehicle movement in and out of a user definable area (entering, leaving or both)
  • Speed limit – allowing alerts to be set when the vehicle exceeds a user definable limit
  • Remote engine lock  
  • System disarm – can be used to start the engine without generating an alert in case the driver card has been forgotten or broke
  • Dissuasion sequence – the user can activate the horn in case a potential danger is perceived
  • Multivehicle management enables customers to manage a number of vehicles with a unique account whilst multi smartphone support gives them access to My Connected Car from iPhone and Android smartphones.

    Useful alerts such as low vehicle battery are sent automatically to the user. To further cu​stomise and enhance the user experience, the dashboard can be personalised by the user who can then access immediately the functions he values most.

    Emergency numbers accessible via the app can be used to:
  • Call Customer Service  
  • Call the Secure Operating Centre to report the vehicle theft
  • Make a Breakdown or an Emergency ​call (depending on service subscription and country). ​
  • “My Connected Car” has been developed as a platform enabling to address Aftermarket as well as car importers and insurance requirements.