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Fleet management

Costs linked to vehicle ownership and usage are significant for private users as well as for fleet managers. Streamlining processes and controlling costs during the whole vehicle fleet life-cycle has become crucial for the sustainability of the business. Telematics is a key part of this strategy, enabling to increase efficiency of logistics and dispatch, manage fuel consumption and daily usage of the fleet. 
Vodafone Automotive offers solutions for the optimised management of vehicle fleets – be it commercial vehicles, cars or trucks - and helps businesses get the quickest return on  investment.

Crash reconstruction is made easier with telematics, as raw data provides precise information on the incident dynamics and cannot be manipulated. Until recently fleets represented a risky business segment for insurance companies who were not able to provide competitive insurance policies: since telematics now offers the opportunity to increase the transparency of vehicle usage and driving behaviour, fleets can expect more adequate premiums.

Vodafone Automotive fleet management features include:  

  • Unique tracking and management service:  thanks to the quick and accurate location, status, direction and speed of the vehicle, progress can be checked easily and customers can be informed of estimated arrival times.
  • Extensive reporting and mapping: access to a wide range of reports, for the accurate management of information about the vehicle fleet enabling to understand directly the reasons that affect the company’s profitability.
  • Real time tracking: exact position of vehicles given in real time and quick identification of the driver who is closest to respond to the customer request.
  • eFNOL (electronic First Notification of Loss): a crash alert facility sends an automatic email or text alert to pre agreed contacts in the event of an accident, giving the vehicle details, time and location of the incident.