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National Service Providers


Vodafone Automotive Telematics operates through a network of National Service Providers (NSPs) who offer services nationally.
44 European countries are today connected to the server in Zurich providing a unique pan-European service capability via Service Providers and Secure Operating Centres  (SOCs).

NSP activities include 24/7 assistance in case of emergency via Secure Operating Centres, service activation and day-to-day customer support.

In the field of insurance telematics where the installation procedure and technical assistance require a presence all over the national territory, the local activity of the NSPs is crucial: in this case the appointment for the telematics box installation, the installation phase itself, the technical assistance are all managed under the supervision of the NSP via a very rigorous process, so as to guarantee the full service availability.

Vodafone Automotive operates directly through subsidiaries in France, Italy, Spain and in the UK, where the demand level of telematic services is high. In these territories Vodafone Automotive has invested in its own Secure Operating Centres able to operate 24 hours a day and to manage emergency situations. Independent partners have been appointed in all the other European territories. In these countries Vodafone Automotive​ qualifies and selects local Secure Operating Centres that have the required experience in assistance procedure and are authorised to cooperate with the local police authorities (companies such as G4S, IVP, MPL, Securitas Alert Services, Fenix International, Prosegur, Monitoring d.o.o., Alsig Security).​​