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Business partners

Vehicle manufacturers, insurance & financial services companies, assistance service providers and public authorities have expressed their will to use telematics applications to design and deliver customised products to their respective customers with the objective to provide increased road safety, innovative insurance products, security assistance, eco-driving.

Thanks to the long-term partnerships of Vodafone Automotive with the actors of the change and the ability to follow the global telematics technology evolution, the Vodafone Automotive service business unit is today the preferred partner of several leaders in these industries and it is a specialised assistance service provider company in key selected countries.

Telematics customers are handled either directly by Vodafone Automotive​ or indirectly via business partners and licensees.​

​​​Automotive​​​​​Audi - Bentley - Honda - Infiniti - Nissan - Porsche - Toyota
​Insurance​​Generali Group (​Generali Italia, Genertel)
​​Fleet​​Bofrost - Halliburton - Maggiore - Sirti - Komatsu