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Customer Dashboard


​Vodafone Automotive telematics system collects a huge amount of data. Raw Trip Segment data stored locally is downloaded from the vehicle and sent via GPRS to the Zurich server once a day. 
Vodafone Automotive Usage Based Insurance dashboard provides a lot of advantages both for insurance companies and insured customers. Insurers can better evaluate and reduce risk factors by providing qualitative feedback to the driver on his driving behaviour. The aggregated data is available to the customer in a transparent way via a secure access to a web portal, where indicators (KPIs) summarise the driving style and driving behaviour. The platform provides statistics on speed, acceleration/braking, road types, etc. and gives recommendations on how to improve driving to obtain a lower risk ranking. 

In case of an accident, telematics data from the system can be used to reconstruct the accident which enables claim handling to become much more transparent and efficient, both for the insurer and for the insured driver. The Insurer Partner Portal, dedicated to insurance companies, contains all the reports generated from the telematics device for a full understanding of the accident dynamics.